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Title: Koncepcja idealizacji a Marksa metoda naukowa. Studium metodologiczne
Authors: Kocikowski, Andrzej
Keywords: metoda naukowa Kapitału
Issue Date: 1988
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM
Citation: Kocikowski A., Koncepcja idealizacji a Marksa metoda naukowa. Studium metodologiczne. Poznań: Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 1988, s. 173.
Series/Report no.: Filozofia i Logika nr 52;
Abstract: ABSTRACT. The first part of the monograph is a polemic with Leszek Nowak’s claim that scientific method used by Marx in “Capital” was characterized by “idealization” (followed by concretization). An analysis of Marx’s “law of value” shows that “idealization assumptions” (Nowak) make Marx’s statement an “empty tautology”. In the second part the author presents his own view of the method used by Marx. The main hypothesis is that the assumptions made by Marx do not in fact make the reality under examination simple, but that they s e e m i n g ly simplify it, and therefore previous notions of “the method of abstraction and concretization” were incomplete.
ISBN: 83-232-0155-2
ISSN: 0083-4246
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