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Title: Ortho-para transition in molecular hydrogen
Authors: Pachucki, Krzysztof
Komasa, Jacek
Keywords: Ortho-para transition
Hydrogen molecule
Forbidden transition
Nonadiabatic effects
Exponentially correlated Gaussian functions
Sigma- symmetry
Issue Date: 14-Mar-2008
Publisher: American Physical Society
Citation: Phys. Rev. A 77, 030501(R) (2008)
Abstract: The radiative ortho-para transition in molecular hydrogen is studied. This highly forbidden transition is very sensitive to relativistic and subtle nonadiabatic effects. Our result for the transition rate in the ground vibrational level Γ(J=1→J=0)=6.20(62)×10−14 yr−1 is significantly lower in comparison to all the previous approximate calculations. Experimental detection of such a weak line by observation of, for example, cold interstellar molecular hydrogen is at present unlikely.
ISSN: 1094-1622
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