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Title: Działalność organizacyjno-naukowa i dydaktyczna Profesora Stanisława Borowskiego
Other Titles: Organizational, Research and Didactic Activities of Professor Stanisław Borowski
Authors: Wierzchosławski, Stanisław
Issue Date: 1981
Publisher: Wydział Prawa i Administracji UAM
Citation: Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 43, 1981, z. 4, s. 1-10
Abstract: Stanisław Florian Borowski, an outstanding economist, statistician and demographer, professor at the Academy of Economics in Poznań, for many years head of the Department of Economic Statistics and Demography, director of the Institute of Statistics and Econometrics, former Deputy Rector for research, died suddenly July 10th 1977 while conducting demographic surveys. Prof. Borowski was an outstanding scholar having great and original achievements in research. He left a great research outcome encompassing more than 250 publications, in that number 14 monographies and over 50 studies and dissertations. A substantial part of his publications was issued in foregin languages. As the scholar he presented himself as a very rich personality interested in many, different spheres of Knowledge. Prof. Borowski was the scholar of great caliber, of rare intellectual culture. He represented a deep and exploratory intellect. He was involved, with a great passion, in all his research activities, in which he presented his humanism as well as an uncompromising attitude when truth in science was concerned. Prof. Borowski was an outstanding research organizer. In Poznań Academy of Economics he established the Department of Economic Statistics and Demography. That department became one of the strongest demographic research centers in Poland being also respected abroad. In 1972 Prof. Borowski was appointed to a post of Chairman of the Comittee of Demographic Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences, (he fullfilled this duty till his sudden death). As a research organiser in the field of demography he made agreat contribution to new research initiatives as well as to research development projections. He was an active member of the Polish State Commission on Population Policy founded by the Ministry Counsil. Thanks to his efforts an intensive cooparation with research centers abroad was developed. He organized several national and international conferences on demography. Prof. Borowski had a big share in education of young scholars. Thanks to his initiative the Subsection of Demometrie of the Polish Academy of Sciences has been created. That subsection has contributed to promotion of the newest statistical-mathematical methods in demography. Prof. Borowski confered a doctor's degree on 14 people creating a basis for development of his own, modern school of demography. He made a great contribution to a popularization of science being an editor of several scientific periodicals. He was an editor of the economic division of the quarterly „Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny", co-editor of „Poznańskie Roczniki Ekonomiczne", subeditor of „Studia Demograficzne" and editor of the annal „Przeszłość Demograficzna Polski". Prof. Borowski was entirely devoted to science. Unfortunately he could not finish his great work for the benefit of science. His health condition was weadend after many years spent in concentration camps during the last world-war and after many years of an intensive research work. An extremely modest, noble and honourable man, a scholar of rich intelligence and an indefatigable, broad-minded researcher departed from this world.
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ISSN: 0035-9629
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