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Title: A Shibboleth upon Their Tongues: Early English /r/ Revisited
Authors: Gąsiorowski, Piotr
Keywords: Rhotic
Old English
Issue Date: 2006
Citation: Studia Anglica Posnaniensia 42, 2006, pp. 63-76
Abstract: This article discusses the pronunciation of the rhotic phoneme /r/ in early English. The traditional belief that the dominant pronunciation in Old and Middle English was [r] (an apical trill) is still supported by some authors, but there is growing consensus that there was a fairly wide range of /r/ realisations already in early Germanic, and that the pronunciation of /r/ in Old English was about as variable as it is in present-day English. The article defends this view and goes a step further, suggesting that the modern distribution of variant rhotic pronunciations in British English reflects to some extent the distribution of very similar sounds in Old English.
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