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Title: Lingua Punica – lingua comica. Głos w sprawie języka punickiego w "Punijczyku" Plauta
Other Titles: Lingua Punica – lingua comica. On the Punic language in the "Poenulus" of Plautus
Authors: Rosół, Rafał
Keywords: Plautus
Punic language
monologue of Hanno
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Poznańskiego Towarzystwa Przyjaciół Nauk
Citation: Symbolae Philologorum Posnaniensium, 2010, nr XX/1, s. 55-68
Abstract: In this contribution the author deals mainly with the monologue delivered by the Carthaginian Hanno at the beginning of the fifth act of the comedy Poenulus. Giving the fact that the codices transmit three completely different versions of the monologue, namely two in Punic (v. 930–939 and 940–949) and one in Latin (v. 950–960), it arises the question of which of them should be treated as the original one. The author discusses the history of research on this topic and puts forward the hypothesis that only the first Punic text existed in the comedy staged by Plautus.
ISBN: 978-83-7654-082-5
ISSN: 0302-7384
Appears in Collections:Symbolae Philologorum Posnaniensium, 2010, nr XX/1

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