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Title: On modality effects in bilingual emotional language processing: Evidence from galvanic skin response
Authors: Jankowiak, Katarzyna
Korpal, Paweł
Keywords: bilingualism
emotional language processing
modality effects
galvanic skin response
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Springer
Citation: Journal of Psycholinguistic Research 47(3), 663-677
Abstract: Though previous research has shown a decreased sensitivity to emotionally-laden linguistic stimuli presented in the non-native (L2) compared to the native language (L1), studies conducted thus far have not examined how different modalities influence bilingual emotional language processing. The present experiment was therefore aimed at investigating how late proficient Polish (L1)–English (L2) bilinguals process emotionally-laden narratives presented in L1 and L2, in the visual and auditory modality. To this aim, we employed the galvanic skin response (GSR) method and a self-report measure (Polish adaptation of the PANAS questionnaire). The GSR findings showed a reduced galvanic skin response to L2 relative to L1, thus suggesting a decreased reactivity to emotional stimuli in L2. Additionally, we observed a more pronounced skin conductance level to visual than auditory stimuli, yet only in L1, which might be accounted for by a self-reference effect that may have been modulated by both language and modality.
ISSN: 1573-6555
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