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Title: What share of researchers publish monographs?
Authors: Kulczycki, Emanuel
Korytkowski, Przemysław
Keywords: monographs
publishing patterns
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Edizioni Efesto
Citation: 17th International Conference on Scientometrics & Informetrics: ISSI 2019: with a Special STI Indicators Conference Track: Proceedings Volume I, pp. 179–184
Abstract: In this study, we investigate what share of researchers publish monographs across fields, gender and seniority. We acquire data from the Polish current research information system, containing metadata about all publications by 67,415 Polish researchers, including 30,185 monographs and 638,779 articles from 2013-2016. The data are aggregated at the researcher level which allow us to shed new light on publication patterns in all fields, especially on monograph patterns which in previous studies have been investigated mostly in only the social sciences and humanities. The key finding of our study is twofold. Firstly, we show that scholars who publish monographs also publish journal articles at the same time. This pattern is observed in all dimensions, i.e. fields, gender and seniority. However, substantial differences between the fields are observed. Secondly, presenting the publication patterns at the researcher level allows us to argue that a monograph is the key publication channel for social sciences and humanities. The discussion summarizes our empirical findings and positions them in the light of other methods of data aggregation.
Description: This work was supported by the DIALOG Program (grant name “Research into Excellence Patterns in Science and Art”).
ISBN: 978-88-3381-118-5
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