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Title: Modelling communities and populations: An introduction to computational social science
Authors: Jarynowski, Andrzej
Paradowski, Michał B.
Buda, Andrzej
Keywords: computational social science
mathematical modelling
quantitative sociology
computer simulations
agent-based models
social network analysis
natural language processing
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM
Citation: Studia Metodologiczne, nr 39, 2019, s 123–152.
Abstract: In sociology, interest in modelling has not yet become widespread. However, the methodology has been gaining increased attention in parallel with its growing popularity in economics and other social sciences, notably psychology and political science, and the growing volume of social data being measured and collected. In this paper, we present representative computational methodologies from both data-driven (such as “black box”) and rule-based (such as “per analogy”) approaches. We show how to build simple models, and discuss both the greatest successes and the major limitations of modelling societies. We claim that the end goal of computational tools in sociology is providing meaningful analyses and calculations in order to allow making causal statements in sociological explanation and support decisions of great importance for society.
ISSN: 0039424X
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