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Title: Nowe śródlądowe stanowiska halofilnej zielenicy Enteromorpha compressa (L.) Ness w Polsce
Other Titles: New inland localities of salt -like greenalga Enteromorpha compressa (L.) Ness in Poland
Authors: Messyasz, Beata
Rybak, Andrzej
Keywords: Chlorophyta
Enteromorpha compressa
Halophilous macroalgae
Freshwater Ulva
Freshwater Enteromorpha
Issue Date: 7-Jan-2011
Citation: Badania Fizjograficzne nad polską Zachodnią. Seria B. Tom 57: 77-88, 2008.
Abstract: The new freshwater localities of Enteromorpha compressa were located in Poznań streams: Michałówka, Dworski Rów and Świątnica. The occurrence of this green alga was connected with the great concentration of chlorides and nitrates in the water. Mature thalluses of E. compressa were rich in corrugation, had numerous of long (several cm) proliferations and narrowings at the top parts of the tape. This freshwater form was reached the largeness of the thallus even up to 8 cm widths and 180 cm of the length.
ISSN: 0067-2815
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