Wpływ poszczególnych faz procesu inwestycyjnego na efektywność gospodarowania w świetle doświadczeń Polski Ludowej

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The Influence of Investment on Economical Effectiveness (Case Study in the Polish Economy)


The interest in the problems described in this article is the following: the importance of investment activity during the introduction of the intensive economical system as well as the literature on the discussed problems estimates only investment effectiveness without reflecting the influence of investment on broader scope of economical effectiveness (e .i. — not only on invesitment stickily speaking but covers also the field of exploitation and consumption). Regarding on immeasurable character of said influence prejudged in phases, which precede the realisation of investment, the main subject of above mentioned article dwells on the range and scale of influence of each particular phase of investment process — e.i. programming, designing, planning and realisation of investment — on investment effectiveness. Particular phases vary in character and range of their impact, they are interrelatet with regard to economical repercussions as well as the critical assessment from economical point of view. Showing the shortcomings of economical activity in above mentioned phases the paper points to the various origins of said phenomema and describes the ways and means which have been hitherto undertaken to eliminate them. In the following part of the article is also given a critical assessment of undertaken methodes which shows the ways leading to greater effectiveness of the investment processes.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 37, 1975, z. 1, s. 69-101



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