Poprawa warunków mieszkaniowych ludności jako czynnik zmian w strukturze konsumpcji w Polsce

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Improved Housing Conditions as a Factor of Changes in the Consumption Pattern in Poland


The consumption policy in Poland tending to rationalize population needs and preferences so that the share of durable consumer goods in the consumption pattern would be bigger has a good chance of success on the basis of improved housing conditions program. On the one hand the development of housing industry ensures concurrence of both individual and social preferences. Considering the noticeable propensity to increase the expenses for dwellings, that development can be an efficient competitor with the expenditures for food stuffs. On the other hand the unsatisfied housing demand exerts an evident influence on purchase of many durable consumers goods, which are complementary to dwellings. The demand for goods and services not connected directly with the dwelling sis also conditioned by the housing situation. It is hardly presumable that the need of a dwelling will be outstripped by the desire of possessing a car when suitable financial means and dwellings are available. In contradistinction to that type of goods the dwelling is one's breath of life. The housing conditions exert also an indirect but substantial influence on the consumption pattern and level in view of their social and economic functions. Therefore the author comes to the conclusion that the development of housing conditions ought to contribute gratly to the desirable changes in the consumption pattern in Poland. Nevertheless one should remember that the 'specific character of housing resricts the speed of improving the papulation housing conditions and thereby the period of changing the consumen's tastes and habits is being extended



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 35, 1973, z. 3, s. 133-140



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