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Behaviours of the youth in the light of the requirements of their social environment


The purpose of the article, characterizing behaviours of the youth in the light of empirical studies, is the discussion about the consistencies and inconsistencies among the declared behaviours of the youth on the one hand and the opinions about the values they accept as well as the requirements they are aware of their contemporaries and adults formulate with respect to such behaviours on the other. The empirical studies were carried out in April/May 1984 in Poznań on the sample of 100 youths aged 17 - 18. The comparison of behaviours declared by the youth with the opinions about the values they accept and the requirements they are aware of formulated by their contemporaries and adults with respect to such behaviours allowed to distinguish eight different types of behaviours. The main part of the article is concerned with the analysis of frequency of appearance of those types. Prevailing are the types called „full consistency" and individualism inconsistent with the values. It means that on the one hand the youth try to behave consistently with the expectations of their environment and on the other — that they are opposed to it to the extent that they declare behaviours not only inconsistent with the requirements of contemporaries and adults but also inconsistent with the values they themselves accept. Full subordination to the requirements of the social environment and „juvenile dissociation" — the search for one's own identity, one's own place in the world are most characteristic elements of the youth's behaviour. Equally interesting is the analysis of frequency of appearance of the distinguished types of behaviours in different spheres of life. The distribution of frequencies is dependent on the sphere of life where such behaviours appear. The results of empirical studies presented in the article and subsequent research allowing to define precisely the spheres of life bearing the influence on the frequency of appearance of different types of the youth's behaviours may contribute to the state of research into the condition of the youth



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 49, 1987, z. 4, s. 327-341



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