Wymiana międzynarodowa zrównoważona ale nie równoważąca

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Balanced but not balancing international exchange


The article discusses a problem of influence of trade exchange between free market and non parametric economies on a market disequilibrium level in the latter ones. Having the assumption made that a non-parametric economy is burdened with a permanent supply disequilibrium, by means of internal structural conditioning the author attempts to define ruling causalities for foregn trade in that situation. In his opinion imports from market economiees are the emergency measures used in order to remove the most acute market shortages in the macro scale. But in those instances terms of contracts are changing to the worse. The final result is a certain loss in supply increment in the internal market, which is normally gained by imports. The following part of the article discusses a case of exports, having the assumption made of balanced trade. The author advocates that a permanent inclining for intervention imports yields the pression on balance which effects too extensive gain of internal demand created in the process of export production. All in all the foreign trade when stimulated by demand disequilibrium becomes a factor fostering that disequilibrium. Upon revoking the assumption of balanced trade, the author discusses the case of trade with the imports surplus {(Poland, the former decade) and next, estimates the effect of trade with the exports surplus on the level of demand disequilibrium (Poland after 1981). The finali part of the article consists of the attempt at defining factors which can diminish the action of the presented mechanism of aggravating (demand disequilibrium by means of foreign trade with market economies.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 46, 1984, z. 3, s. 175-187



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