Z problematyki ekologizacji działań ekonomicznych

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Kośmicki, Eugeniusz



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From the problems of ecologizing economic activities


The interrelation of humanity and its biosphere is undoubtedly a basic problem of the present day. A new science- ecology gained in this context a considerable importance. A postulate of ecologizing is advocated i.e. of linking ecology with all activities of mankind. In the effect the ecology of man appeared, programs of protection of natural environment, new paradigm of economic sciences and ecological ethics were formulated. The traditional economic paradigm based of autonomy of society and economy toward nature becomes more and more of no avail in analysis of the modern economic processes. The concept of "homo oeconomicus" and traditional methods of economic calculations are not adequate from the view-point of- ecology and the long run functioning of economy. Ecological economy recognizes a close dependence of man and economy from their biosphere. It is also refuting traditional economic indices of welfare focusing its attention of a quality of life. Ecological ethics is related to ecological economy, it is studying moral relations man to man and man to environment. A program of natural protection has a complementary character toward economy and ecological ethics. An urgent necessity of intensifying ecologization of economy and of bringing basic propositions of ecological economy into life is presently observed.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 45, 1983, z. 3, s. 157-171



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