Cooperation through innovation in cataloguing and digitizing process of periodicals in Poznan University Library

dc.contributor.authorMikołajska, Aleksandra
dc.contributor.authorSzerksznis, Żaneta
dc.description.abstractPoznan University Library catalog according to international standard formats of MARC 21 and Dublin Core. Cataloguing process is in Horizon library system until 1999, then the traditional catalogue was closed. Library took part in common project between German and Poland to preserve an cultural heritage from the borderline Prussia and Poland on framework of Robert Bosch Foundation. Periodicals titles was microfilmed. The next step to disseminate access to full-text periodicals was established Digital Library of Wielkopolska (Greater Poland), which used Dublincore Metadata. Scanned periodical are visible on the Internet for world community. Twelve scientific libraries in Poznan take care on complement of periodical titles and other regional resources. These Libraries coorporate in Poznan Foundation of Scientific Libraries. From 2005 started fully-fledged cooperation with NUKAT (National Union Central Catalogue) in relation to heading authorities format and bibliographical record. After accessing to WorldCat our collections are visible for international users since the beginning of 2006. The basis for all activities was holding’s retroconversion and digitization. It was possible because of processing on standard format with URL address for periodicals (on file 856). An cooperation happened on wide range in creation and modification of national heading authorities data. Posters presents cooperation trough innovation in cataloguing process for examples selected periodicals from own holdings of the University Library in Poznan.pl_PL
dc.identifier.citationLIBER 38th Annual General Conference. Innovation through Collaboration, University of Toulouse, France 30 June 2009pl_PL
dc.subjectcataloguing and digitizing processpl_PL
dc.subjectPoznan University Librarypl_PL
dc.subjectDigital Library of Wielkopolskapl_PL
dc.titleCooperation through innovation in cataloguing and digitizing process of periodicals in Poznan University Librarypl_PL
dc.typeMateriały konferencyjnepl_PL


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