Obraz Czechów i innych narodów w czeskim dyskursie internetowym. Możliwe nowe auto- i stereotypy narodowe?

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Komisja Slawistyczna PAN, Oddział w Poznaniu, IFS UAM, Wydawnictwo PRO

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The issue of creating the images of Czechs, the Czech nation and other nations which appear in the Czech internet discourse, have been discussed in the article. The basis for understanding the linguistic image of the Czechs, are the discussions on internet forums, which on one hand can solidify in the Czech mental-linguistic consciousness the Czech self-image, and on the other constitute the base for creating new auto-stereotypes. The analysis considers also the reference of Czechs to other nations, basing on which, the process of operating the vernacular conceptualization of reality has been followed through. Basing on the analyzed linguistic material, schemes of a mental-linguistic opposition of a “us-them” type have been developed on a number of levels. These oppositions fit the linguistic definition of the stereotype. In the con- clusion it has been stated that the discussions on internet forums, not only solidify the stereotypes which exist for many years in the Czech society, but may become the basis for spreading new ones, which are mostly negative and serve the purpose of a quick psychosocial assessment of a given nation.




national stereotypes, online discours, Czech nation


Bohemistyka, 2016, nr 2, s. 148-168



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