Sumy opadów atmosferycznych w Polsce w latach 1951-1995

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Wydawnictwo Poznańskiego Towarzystwa Przyjaciół Nauk

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The aim of this article is the analysis of the seasonal and annual course of precipitation totals and their spatial distribution in Poland. T he basis for the analysis was mean daily precipitation totals for the 1951-199 5 period from 55 IMW M (Institute of Meteorology Wa - ter Management) stations and precipitation maps showing mean monthly, seasonal and annual rainfall distribution. The main part of the work is a description of spatial distribution of precipitation in Poland. Particularly winter a nd summer precipitation totals has been analyzed. In the article an annual period has been divided into four meteorological seasons: spring (whole months - III, IV, V), summer (VI, VII, VIII), autumn (IX, X, XI) and winter (XII, I, II). The research of rainfall variation in Poland in the seasonal and annual course has shown that: - summer precipitation totals are two times higher than in winter, - differences between spring and autumn precipitation totals are small, autumn slightly (1,1) exceed spring values, - quotient of winter/summer total precipitation decrease eastward showing gradual growth of continentality, - quotient of autumn/spring total precipitation diminishes from the north to the south of Poland; rather big quotients in the north are the result of the warming caused by the Baltic Sea during the autumn, - 62.9% of precipitation in Poland occur in the warm half-year.





Badania Fizjograficzne, Seria A, Tom 56, 2005, s. 55-72




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