Płynność kadr. Socjoekonomiczna interpretacja zmiany miejsca pracy

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Labour turnover: Socioeconomic interpretation of changing jobs


The interpretation of a mechanism of an individual act of changing jobs takes as a starting point the analysis of the object of such a change. Vast differences between the meanings various authors ascribe to the concept of a job (see: Appendix) made it necessary to begin the considerations with the attempt to explain the essence of those differences and to systematize the concepts. In effect, it has been assumed that „a job" will be understood as a set of functions, separated from an organizational structure of an enterprise, to be performed by one employee during his/her full time work, together with the means necessary to realize those functions. A job defined in the above way and an employee working there form a basic unit of a social division of labour. An individual act of changing jobs is a result of a destabilization of that basic unit in consequence of divergences between the employee's expectations and the possibilities of satisfying them through his/her work in a given job. The explanation of that process has been based on the analysis of the structure of an „employee — job" system, together with the analysis of internal and external conditions of its stability-and objective and subjective factors of the destabilization. Two types of stabilization have been distinguished: a) voluntary, which is a consequence of a sufficiently high level of satisfaction as to a job and its environment; b) forced, which is a cosequence of a failure to carry out a decision to change job. It is only the former type of the employees' stabilization which may be identified with a stability of employment.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 50, 1988, z. 4, s. 281-300



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