Rola rodziny w transmisji kultury regionalnej i jej wpływ na prokreację

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The role of family in a transmission of regional culture and its effect on procreation


The results of initial theoretical and empirical studies conducted in the framework of the crucial problem 11.5 „Formation of the demo-graphical processes and a socio-economic developement of Poland" indicate that a cultural factor is one of the factors differeneiating demographieal -processes in a microscale in an intergenerational handling. Identification of that factor on the grounds of procreationa1 attitudes and behavior in families is not possible with the results of previous sociological, ethnographic and demographic surveys. The article attempts at problem formulation with the discussion being conducted on the borderline of the three mentioned scientific disciplines. The complexity of culture, its functional character as well as the basic elements constituting it: hierarchies of values, attitudes, sccio- - moral norms, customs, patterns and 'models shaping a system of human convictions are including the questions of procreation within the range of culture. A family is forming its image by means of the impact of a general national culture and of particular subcultures. A differential influence on the parental attitudes is yielded mostly by the regional culture. Many institutions and groups participate in the transmission of culture. Transfer of the regional culture takes a little avail of institutionalized forms and is performed by fulfilling a socializing function by the family. The family can perform both a role o subject and of object in the process of social changes. In reality it can combine those two functions remaining in a dialectical system with the society. On the one hand it undergoes processes of cultural dialectization but on the other it is able to secure the identity and socio-cultural continuity to its members, by means of its subjectivity. The continuity and identity are manifested by maintaining the analogous world of values, norms and patterns of behavior generation after generation. It seems that a process of transmission secures similarities in an intergeneratioinal handling of procreational attitudes and behavior characteristic for regional groups from which spouses are derived. The final solution of the problem can be brought about by the complex interdisciplinary empirical studies.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 47, 1985, z. 1, s. 229-242


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