Koniunktura w polskim przemyśle przetwórczym z perspektywy wahań gospodarek wysoko rozwiniętych

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Boom in Polish processing industry from the point of view of highly developed economies' fluctuations


The article deals with problems connected with researches on conjuncture in Poland and presents corresponding results of research on characteristic features of conjunctural fluctuations within Polish manufacturing industry Firstly, some general issues concerning the research on conjuncture have been presented. And so - the origins of conjuncture analysis on the world and its contemporary trends are discussed. Then the respective methods used nowadays in highly developed economies have been presented. Special attention was drawn to a method of conjunctural test because the indices constructed thanks to it served as a basis for the research work. Successively - conjunctural fluctuations presently confronted have been characterized and next compared with classical fluctuations which took place before World War II. Next part of the article introduces in problems of conjunctural analyses in Poland. In relation with increased demand for results of conjunctural fluctuations measurement within the Polish economy - an examination of their character was made by means of qualitative indices of conjunctural test for manufacturing industry. Because of the fact that only one sector of national economy was subject to such an examination - the impact of fluctuations within this industry on the whole of economic conjuncture in the country was presented. Then the empiric part of the research work was described.The research methods used were discussed and the results obtained this way were presented. Thanks to such a procedure a preliminary evaluation of the state of conjuncture in Polish manufacturing industry was made and, finally, a comparison with fluctuations taking place in contemporary highly developed economies was presented.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny, 59, 1997, z. 2, s. 111-125.



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