Myśl ekonomiczna w nauce o handlu wewnętrznym w dwudziestopięcioleciu Polski Ludowej

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Economic Theory with Reference to Internal Trade Problems in the 25 Years' Period of People's Poland


Economic theory concerning internal trade problems in Poland in the years 1945 - - 1969 was influenced by the social and economic changes that were being accomplished in that time. Achievements of Polish Scientists in the field of trade mean a better knowledge of goods traffic processes, the use of imprioved research methods and advice and suggestions for economic policy and practice. The development of economic theory in the post-war period may be divided into three stages: the stage of economic rebuilding 1945 - 1049, the six-years' plan 1950 - 1955, the period of new asumptions in economic policy 1956 - 1969. The study of trade economics as a discipline helping the socialized trade by means of generalations and estimates was developed in the period of the six-years' plan. Very favourable conditions for a development of trade studies were created after the year 1956. In economic policy main stress was laid on development of consumer goods production, on replacement — within the range of possibility of a management system based entirely on directives by a system based on economic incentives, on decentralization, on meeting maximum market demand, and on creation of a new atmoshpere in the field of Polish science, favourable for a development of critical thought and profound analises of exchangeable relations. Therefore the most important scientific achievements in the field of economy as regards market and trade problems were reached in the years 1956 - 1969.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 32, 1970, z. 3, s. 187-203



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