Skuteczność oddziaływania cen na produkcję i rynek mięsny w Polsce

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Prices and Their Effects on Meat Production and Meat Market in Poland


The paper dwells on general problems concerning the influence of prices on the conditions of development in the livestock and meat market. This influence has been analyzed from the following aspects: 1) the size of production and livestock supplies, 2) the effect of retail prices on demand in the meat market, 3) the shaping of the sum of prices in the meat market at a given supply of livestock, 4) the relations existing between the livestock prices and meat prices and the need of taking them into consideration in the process of regulating the conditions of market equilibrium. The inference which can be drawn from the study may be expressed as follows: albeit the influence of prices on the volume of production and the size of livestock supplies is quite substantial, it does not constitute a decisive factor. Moreover this influence is not exclusively governed by changes in prices but depends also on conditions of development, especially in the fodder sphere and in the directions of livestock production. What concerns the retail meat prices, they can be taken advantage of in the process of shaping the demand on the meat market. The field of maneouvre in that respect is, however, strictly limited because of a relatively small sensibility of demand on price changes and the prevailing character of meat market and its dimensions. In this situation a specific change in prices results in deep and manifold consequences. In the meat processing sphere, there exists a possibility of changing the list of meat products from a given supply of livestock, and thus the possibility of changing the sum of prices of said products, which in turn can help the processes of regulating the partial equilibria as well as the general market" equilibrium. The feasibility of undertaking such changes is, however, conditioned by concrete market situation. Much attention has been given to the mutual relations existing between the level of livestock prices and meat prices. The links between those levels must be taken into account in order to ensure a proper functioning of price mechanism. The strength of said links depends on the structure of meat market and on the possibility of exerting an influence on the size of supply by means of manipulating with the stocks and synchronizing the meat turnover in foreign trade. The shaping of conditions which weaken the levels of said prices gives greater freedom in separating their respective movements and thus a greater possibility of influencing — by means of prices — the conditions of market equilibrium.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 28, 1966, z. 1, s. 153-167



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