Dwugłos w sprawie gospodarki żywnościowej w polsce w warunkach przejścia do gospodarki rynkowej

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Two opinions of food economy in Poland in conditions of transition to market economy


The article considers the problem connected with food producers, mostly private farms, and their adjustment reactions in conditions of recession policy and pro-income agricultural policy. The Author discusses the relation between income from agricultural activity and production accumulation in private farmers' economy, between consumption and income, and analyses the position of production and non-production aims in both policies. The considerations on adjustment reactions of food producers are amended by the determination of conditions of the new agricultural policy strategy, i.e. the strategy that could lead to the system change in relations between agriculture and its non-agricultural surrounding. Besides, the Author puts forth the postulate of efficient state interventionism into food economy and concretises this postulate by formulating the conditions to be met by the efficient agricultural economy. The Author touches the issues of prices, development of non-agricultural economic activity in rural areas, anti-dumping policy, subsidies, agricultural tax and credit in conditions of system transformations. Finally, the Author refers to problem presented by hitherto existing state interventionism into food economy.
The conception put forth by Andrzej Czyżewski is not realistic enough in view of the present budgetary situation and tax morality as well as in the light of the contemporary knowledge of the evolution of state interventionism towards particular branches of economy. The scope of Htterventionist policies advocated by A. Czyżewski exceeds the organizational and technical Possibilities of the state.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny, 53, 1991, z. 4, s. 173-189



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