Degradacja gospodarcza Europy

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Economic degradation in Europe


The surveys done by numerous trade and industrial organizations and by economic press in the West have proved an undoubted drop of European economy position in the scale of world economy. It is reflected in the domain of employment, technology and on the world commodity, service and monetary markets. Upon analysing the situation on labor market, different tendencies can be observed in the United States and Japan on the one hand and in the Western Europe on the other. They have been occurring for several years. The identical phenomenon is observed in the aspect of pioneering technology. Variety of microprocessors originating from the Silicon Valley, Ca. effected the new industrial revolution in the United States and in Japan. Numerous European industry managers are now facing the question how to operate in the computer age. A lack of properly trained staff and some conservative approach on the part of managers in their attitude to the technological progress can be seen as the main obstacle. Also in the currency sphere Europe has been outdistanced by the United States and Japan. What is the most suprising is the advancement of Japan to the front lines in European banking. Undoubtedly, one of the reasons of a falling position of European states is the insufficient progress in economic integration. Economic barriers, national pride, and cultural factors which are not susceptible at alterations are contributing to the present picture. All these elements can be called symptoms of the „European malady" i.e. the low rate of economic growth. It is also abnormal to devote the two thirds of the EEC budget for agriculture which has been for many years reducing a number of the employed.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 47, 1985, z. 2, s. 207-218



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