Zmiany strukturalne wsi przyszłości w opiniach studentów

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Structural transformations of future village in students' opinions


In the investigations involving 230 students carried out at the Agricultural Academy in Poznań, in the period of 1978 - 1979 an attempt was made to determine attitudes, opinions and views on transformations of future village manifested among students of that institution. The followtinig discrimination of villaige socializing factor's was adopted: the high-grade factors are: the existence of socialized farms and the increase in processes of cooperation and integration leading to diminishing division between collective and Stalte farms, The secondary factor's are these forms of productive cooperation which can strengthen links between farmers i.e. forming productive groups, agricultural associations and their cooperatives, taking over pre- and postproductional processes from individual farmers by Sitate or cooperative institutions, growth of communal self government's participatioin in a Village life. The tertiary factors of socializing resulted by transformations in a village community are: loss of bi-oicupationality, increase in educational status of country dwellers, developement of own socio-cultural base, decrease in migrational processes, increments of leisure time, change of a female role in a village community, rise of income, nullifying civilizaitional gaps between city land village. A large differenciation of opinions was found in the examined population in the respect of a future structural form of the Polish agriculture. There were hypotheses formulated and verified on the effect of factors related to a social background (city, village), parents employment sector, possession, and size of a farm, education and parents membership in the socio-political organizations, and factors related to the present environment of the examined person, mean grades, social subjects' grades, membership in the socio- political organizations.. The following three visions can be observed in the examined population in the relation to perceived domination of a certain type of farms: State farms, cooperative farms., individual (private) farms, a large percentage of students is linking future of Polish agriculture with a developement of private farming. This is a result of noticing errors made in the socialized sector and economic ineffectiveness of that form of production. Preffered domination of individual farms is connected with approving of internal structural transformations of these farms, technical and organizational progress as well as of improvement of technical equipment, agrarian structure and increase of self government and integration among farmers. The highest consent in the examined population is observed with regards to the tertiary factors of socializing, while the highest differenciation of opinions is brought atout toy the high- grade factors. A high concurrence of pursuits and ideas is also found, it is an indicator of a degree of optimism among students. Agents effecting types of voiced opinions are related mostly to the life position of the examined students i.e.: type of background community, social background, parents employment sector, farm possessing by parents, future sector and place of employment.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 45, 1983, z. 2, s. 237-253



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