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Non-Commercial Services in Trade Activities


In economic literature it is difficult to find arguments which justify inclusion of non-commercial services into the sphere of trade activities. One of the reasons of this state of affairs is lack of clear-cut terminology in the sphere of "commercial services". When distinction between the notions of "commercial services" and "services performed by trade" is made, it turns out that the problems of non-commercial living services fall beyond the scope of field of investigation. The literature first of ail gives a detailed description of services connected directly or indirectly with the organization of turnover, neglecting discussion of services in trade activities which have little to do with its basic activities. It is necessary therefore to make an analysis of motives behind the introduction of non-commercial living services into trade activities. Among the most important of them would be the desired all-inclusiveness of service and facilitation of satisfying complementary demand. There can be detected in these motives an attempt both to improve the quality of service and to lower the costs of trade activities. Confrontation of these motives with reality leads to the conclusion that there is little justification for running non-commercial services by trade. These doufolts refer to trade activities in their present organizational form which does not stimulate expansion of non-commercial activities.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 43, 1981, z. 3, s. 217-225



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