Socjologiczna problematyka patriotyzmu lokalnego

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Sociological problems of local patriotism


The article investigates and develops little studied problems of local and regional patriotism and spatial ties. It is composed of two parts, of which each contains three groups of research problems. The first part is of reporting character: it presents the ways of comprehending local patriotism and related concepts, the analyses of theoretical approaches and the results of Polish empirical studies in that field. The second part is of constructional character. It shows social baokround and historical conditions of those phenomena in Poland and develops theoretical approaches. The author, referring mostly to the works by F. Znaniecki, S. Ossowski, A. Wallis and to some classical American sociologists, especially to the "community studies" research school, constructs some theoretical models of those phenomena. The above analyses point to the need of revising current concepts connoting the phenomena of local patriotism, spatial identification and spatial tie, to the need of formulating a more operational definition of local patriotism and to the need of investigating those problems in a wider theoretical perspective. In the final part of his article the author formulates such a more operational definition of local patriotism and puts forth, some proposals concerning the empirical studies of those phenomena.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 50, 1988, z. 3, s. 275-294



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