Wynalazczość pracownicza w przemyśle polskim w latach 1960-1986

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The employées' investiveness in Polish industry between 1960 and 1986


The article is to provide answers to the questions whether in Poland the advantages of employees' inventiveness are adequately exploited, what was the course of development of that activity in the post-war period and what is its position in the light of international comparisons. Between 1960 and 1986 inventive and innovative activity in Polish industry and economy was shaped unevenly. Its absolute level decreased twice. Low innovative absorptive power of industry and economy is proved by a small share of utilized proposals in the overall number of submitted proposals. In industry subject to implementation are mostly technical improvements bringing relatively poor economie effects. Besides, of little importance are innovations originating from the dissemination. The share of profits from the employees' inventiveness in the GNP is very small. It proves the insignificant role of that activity in increasing general efficiency of economy. In comparison with heavily industrialized capitalist countries the number of inventions submitted for patent application is in Poland several times, or — in the case of Japan — several dozen times smaller than abroad. The crisis in our inventive activity can also be illustrated by a decreasing share of Polish inventions in the overall number of inventions submitted for patent application in the CMEA countries. With respect to the number of inventions per 100.000 professionally active people Poland occupies the last place among the CMEA European member- -States. The low level of inventive and innovative activity of our industry and economy proves the existence of vast potential developmental resources. However, it is necessary to create conditions for such a development, for it seems that at present Poland has no such conditions whatsoever.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 50, 1988, z. 3, s. 197-210



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