Zróznicowanie populacji głazów eolizowanych w różnowiekowych strefach peryglacjalnych Polski Zachodniej

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The article presents the results of statistical analysis performed on various populations of wind-polished boulders in the lowland part of Western Poland. The populations were studied in three zones connected with stages of retreat of the Last Glaciation, both in the foreland and hinterland of each of the zones, to accommodate differences in climatic conditions and genetic types of substratum. Those factors influenced the original population of stones that could then be transformed by the wind. It was found that wind-polished boulders were a common occurrence in the study area, whether lying on the surface or as stone horizons underlying aeolian cover sands. Spatial differences among those populations are due to variations of climatic conditions accompanying the successive stages of retreat of the last inland ice.




Western Poland, Periglacial zones, Eolized boulders


Badania Fizjograficzne, Seria A, Tom 61, 2010, s. 9-29




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