2011, Vol. 24. Social Perceptions vs. Economic Returns from Higher Education

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    Social Perceptions vs. Economic Returns from Higher Education: the Bologna Process and the Bachelor Degree in Poland (CPP RPS 24/2011)
    (Center for Public Policy Research Papers Series, 2011) Kwiek, Marek
    The Bologna Process in Poland, as in Central Europe generally, was seen as an effective avenue to integrate Polish universities with their Western European counterparts. Poland was among the initial signatory countries of the Bologna Declaration in 1999. In postcommunist Europe, the Bologna Process was often viewed as “a political option aiming at ingraining itself into European values” (Gorga 2007: 62). In the present chapter, the Bologna Process is viewed through the lenses of the end product of reform initiatives it has been promoting in the last decade: in this case, a coherent system of three degrees – the bachelor, the master, and the doctorate. And in particular, it is focused on the changing social and labor market perceptions of the bachelor degree during the implementation of the Bologna Process in Poland in the last decade.
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