Poznańskie Studia Polonistyczne. Seria Literacka, 2011, nr 18 (38)

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    Norwid i Kierkegaard — czy spotkanie było możliwe?
    (2011) Lijewska, Elżbieta
    This article considers a possibility of an experience of a literary liaison between Cyprian Norwid’s literary output and the thought of Søren Kierkegaard. A certain coincidental similarity of some of the ideas represented in both authors’ works is, in fact, intriguing and thoughtprovoking. Another relevant element is the name of the protagonist Quidam that appears in both authors. Tough it cannot be proved conclusively that the Polish poet did know the works of Kierkegaard, who had earned himself an eloquent nickname of the Socrates of Copenhagen, there are premises to believe that Norwid could have been aware of some of the facts concerning the Danish philosopher. The author of the article supports this assumption by providing some interesting data of particular circumstances and particular persons that suggest that the above was possible. The article discusses some of the possible tangential points shared by both thinkers: 1) widespread interest in Scandinavia in the then Europe, 2) anti-Hegelian criticism in Berlin, and 3) pursuit of religious revivalism among Protestants and Catholics alike. The article indicates the people within Norwid’s inner social circle that could have been some sources of information on the Danish philosopher.
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    Z dziejów synkretyzmu filozoficznego w epoce renesansu — Jana Grotowskiego "Socrates albo o szlachectwie rozmowa..."
    (2011) Raubo, Agnieszka
    The article discusses the philosophical syncretism of the Renaissance time period in a lesser known sixteenth century text of Jan Grotowski (Grotowski): "Socrates albo o szlachectwie rozmowa". The author focuses on a description of the parties involved in the dispute, i.e. Socrates, Diogenes and Themistocles. The description of the interlocutors refers both to their antique and Renaissance descriptions. In addition, the issue of nobleness that comes from birth and the one that comes from living a good life is discussed. The notion of virtue as it was presented in Grotowski’s work is outlined, as well as the relations between the body, soul and the spirit included in it that influence the interpretation of the notion “nobleness”.
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    Matki odchodzą — wariacje 2009
    (2011) Czyżak, Agnieszka
    This article proposes some considerations on a particular variation of the elegiac mood represented by and manifested in lyrical farewells of departing mothers. A review of the variants commences with an analysis of a particularly important work by Tadeusz Różewicz written at the beginning of this century — "Matka odchodzi". The book was, at the time, a particular reference point for the following poetic volumes in which the theme of the death of the poet’s mother was paramount and significant. The article also focuses on volumes of poems, written by poets that belonged to different generations but shared the same date of publication, i.e. the year 2009. Both clear similarities and marked differences in the actual commitment in carrying out the theme and in creating the profiles of mothers that have passed away are to be found in the works of Piotr Sommer ("Dni i noce"), Jan Polkowski ("Cantus") and Eugeniusz Tkaczyszyn-Dycki ("Piosenka o zależnościach i uzależnieniach").
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    Romantyczne tropy późnej nowoczesności
    (2011) Artwińska, Anna
    The article discusses the book entitled "Romantyzm i nowoczesność" (Kraków 2009), edited by Michał Kuziak in which the authors examine a possibility of an application of modern methodological propositions for an analysis of Romanticism in literature. The reviewer presents and briefly discusses each of the articles contained in the book, focusing particularly on the extent to which individual articles correspond to the main assumptions of the volume. Thus, the reviewer provides the reader with an analysis of the concepts of modernity and Romanticism presented by the authors, but also points out convergence points, interceptions and dependencies occurring between them. The volume, presenting novel interpretations and approaches to individual literary works, methodological reflections and studies on selected problems in aesthetics and Romantic ideology, has been critically acclaimed. The reviewer recommends the book as an interesting piece of writing not only for researchers in the history of the literature of the nineteenth century, but also for those studying culture and for theoreticians of narrative discourse.
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    (Wydawnictwo "Poznańskie Studia Polonistyczne" oraz Wydawnictwo PTPN, 2011)
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