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    Sprawozdanie z Seminarium Naukowego „Współczesne tendencje we wspomaganiu rozwoju niemowląt i małych dzieci”, Wydział Studiów Edukacyjnych, Poznań, 5 listopada 2014 roku
    (Wydział Studiów Edukacyjnych Uniwersytetu im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu, 2014) Cyran, Aleksandra; Wiśniewska, Anna
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    Sprawozdanie z I Ogólnopolskiej Interdyscyplinarnej Konferencji Naukowej „Diagnoza i jej zastosowanie w kontekście jednostkowym i społecznym”, Wydział Studiów Edukacyjnych, Poznań, 22 maja 2014 roku
    (Wydział Studiów Edukacyjnych Uniwersytetu im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu, 2014) Cieślińska, Justyna; Skowrońska-Pućka, Agnieszka
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    Paulina Peret-Drążewska, Współczesna młodzież postrzegana z perspektywy rówieśników. Studium teoretyczno-empiryczne, Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, Poznań 2014, 222 s.
    (Wydział Studiów Edukacyjnych Uniwersytetu im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu, 2014) Śliwerski, Bogusław
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    Youth and the Cult of Youth?
    (Wydział Studiów Edukacyjnych Uniwersytetu im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu, 2014) Smolík, Josef
    This text deals with one of the neglected topics of contemporary social pedagogy which extends to developmental psychology and sociology. This topic is so-called cult of youth which is often mentioned in the academic literature, but has not been precisely conceptualized. This text was therefore focused on the definition of basic category, i.e. youth, and then discussed the relationship to the cult of youth and the individual elements that helps to form it. The cult of youth is associated with so called youth culture, which has been spread and produced by global media. The influence of the media has been already evident from the 60’s of the 20th century, when we often talk about American cultural hegemony which presents within its production the popular culture and youthful lifestyle, which is then presented in magazines, music media, fashion industry, etc. For contemporary capitalist society the concept of the cult of youth is a useful concept as only successful, young and efficient individuals can consume new and new products (as well as use the services) typical for this still-rising imaginary phase of human life. Therefore the cult of youth is the domain of successful people who do not want to lose their success. Only socially successful can try to be “forever young”.
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    Niepełnoletni rodzice i ich rodziny jako podmiot wsparcia. Badania własne
    (Wydział Studiów Edukacyjnych Uniwersytetu im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu, 2014) Ratajczak, Łukasz P.
    Underage parenting is an experience that can be defined as difficult, even critical. It is the same both for teenagers and their families. Adopting the role of a father and mother in adolescence, and so prematurely, generates a number of difficulties that occur in almost every sphere of functioning of these young people. It is therefore necessary to take steps supporting not only underage parents, but also their families. In this article, the issue of supporting teen parents and their families have been described. The sources of information are the empirical studies of underage mothers carried out in 2008 and underage fathers in 2012-2013. They enabled not only to recognize the difficulties that usually involve teen parents, but also the scope and type of support they receive.
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    Wczesna inicjacja seksualna młodzieży – przyczyny i konsekwencje
    (Wydział Studiów Edukacyjnych Uniwersytetu im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu, 2014) Jankowiak, Barbara; Gulczyńska, Anna
    Juvenescence constitutes period between infantile sexuality and sexuality of young man. Adolescence is time of discovering sexual identity, initiating new sexual behaviors and involving into intimate relationships. During this period, the forms of sexual activity are developing from less to more and more mature – from masturbation, through petting to sexual initiation. Decision of a first sexual intercourse is an important act for every person. Nevertheless, sexual initiation which is precocious, in a stage of unformed identity, can disturb psychosexual functioning of an individual causing unplanned pregnancies, leading to sexually transmissible diseases and initiating risky sexual behaviors. The causes of starting precocious sexual activity are associated with improper models of upbringing (strictness or lack of interference) as well as with distancing of youth from pedagogical or educational influences of school or church. These traditional socializing agendas are replaced with media influences and behavior patterns providing by peers. It seems that only complex acts from pedagogical and socializing backgrounds can contribute starting responsible behaviors of youth in sexual field.
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    Macierzyństwo po rozwodzie. Szanse i zagrożenia
    (Wydział Studiów Edukacyjnych Uniwersytetu im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu, 2014) Piotrowska, Maja
    Results of social change which can be seen in the area of family life, especially include crisis of the institution of marriage, redefinition of parent's roles in the parenthood or monoparenthood. The role of the mother is socially important and appreciated. In the academic discourse on the contemporary motherhood, a category of single mother or independent mother appears increasingly. Monoparental family, like the ones in which the spouses got divorced, are becoming more visible form of the family life in the contemporary societies. The article discusses the issue of different faces of motherhood, especially lonely motherhood after the divorce when the family structure is completely changed.
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    Kobieta-matka w roli zawodowej. Obrazy pracujących matek w polskich i amerykańskich serialach telewizyjnych
    (Wydział Studiów Edukacyjnych Uniwersytetu im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu, 2014) Anioł, Joanna
    From the very beginning, presence of women-mothers in the labor market have been causing a lot of controversy. The intellectual women’s work was particular condemn as an improper and disgraceful. Working women-mothers were blaming for withdrawal from the natural role: the patroness of heart. How are the conviction created by the very popular medium as a television series in the present time? Does it important that in many European countries, women represent more than half of all employees? Does it change a perception and representation the vocational role of the mothers? The aim of the article is an analysis of selected Polish and American television series for the characters working women-mothers and the way they are presented.
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    Terror laktacyjny w przestrzeni wirtualnej
    (Wydział Studiów Edukacyjnych Uniwersytetu im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu, 2014) Marcinkiewicz, Aleksandra
    The aim of paper is to show problem of putting social pressure on mothers to breastfeeding. The internet forum about terror lactation was analyzed. In research used qualitative analyses of context. The results of study had shown the ratio of mothers to breastfeed, forms of pressure on mothers and social groups which put this pressure. It was shown stereotypes which exist in virtual space about women and breastfeeding.
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    Kształtowanie tożsamości matki u kobiet doświadczających nieplanowanego macierzyństwa
    (Wydział Studiów Edukacyjnych Uniwersytetu im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu, 2014) Koronkiewicz, Kaja
    Recent years show a noticeable increase in the number of systematic scientific studies about motherhood. Mostly, the birth of a child is depicted as a groundbreaking event, carefully planned in the biography of a woman. The future mother has many doubts, usually feels joy and satisfaction of the “blessed state”. Still very few publications touch the issue of women experiencing unwanted motherhood. In widely available articles about family, unplanned pregnancy theme is limited. Mostly apply to youngsters. This phenomenon, regardless of age, is a critical event in a woman's life. It should therefore become a research exploration area of educators and representatives of related disciplines. The article attempts to depict the situation of mothers facing unplanned parenthood. Heroines present experiences related to pregnancy, birth and childcare. Fragments of their biographies show both their concerns and moments full of joy and pride.
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    Macierzyństwo pod medycznym nadzorem. Wybrane aspekty medykalizacji macierzyństwa
    (Wydział Studiów Edukacyjnych Uniwersytetu im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu, 2014) Mazurek, Emilia
    The growing importance of medicine as a science, but also as a certain ideology, caused the medical supervision of different spheres of human life, not just those related to human health and the organism. Using the authority of medicine and its representants, medical discourse (re)constructs the meaning of motherhood, uses its own conceptual categories to describe the experience of performing the role of the mother, imposes their own interpretations of processes and problems inherent in this experience. In relation to the concept of Peter Conrad, author presents the selected practices of medicalization of motherhood and their possible consequences. In addition, the mother is shown as a person who learns in the context of experienced medicalization practices.
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    Matczyne debiuty. Obrazy doświadczania pierwszych tygodni macierzyństwa
    (Wydział Studiów Edukacyjnych Uniwersytetu im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu, 2014) Mitręga, Anna
    Post-modernity has radically deformed the traditional ideas connected with entering the role of mother. Old ways of maternal initiation, passed from generation to generation, turned out to be inadequate. The aim of the research was to define socio-cultural factors that change defining and interpreting the key aspects of woman functioning in the first weeks after giving birth to a child. Basing on the gathered narrative interviews there were selected repetitive and subjectively meaning experiences creating the first period motherhood images. The free choice right experience and its psychological consequences, dilemma between natural and medical phenomena interpretation/ pregnancy, delivery, confinement and lactation/, emotional stress determinants or young mothers’ social perception were experience-creating elements of young women experiences. Pedagogical perspective in the analysis and interpretation of aspects connected with entering the role of mother may constitute a contribution in the approach to that present-day women’s life period, as well as in forming a social support for the motherhood.
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    Keeping Abreast of the Multiple Biological, Cultural, and Psycho-Social Barriers to Breastfeeding in Modern Society
    (Wydział Studiów Edukacyjnych Uniwersytetu im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu, 2014) Ping, Elizabeth
    Breastfeeding provides good-quality nutrition for babies and can be very beneficial for both mom and baby. However, modern women face many challenges in breastfeeding their babies that can be attributed to today’s ever-evolving cultural and psycho-social underpinnings. These multiple barriers to breastfeeding in today’s society hinder women from developing a good breastfeeding relationship with their babies. The various factors that prohibit initiation and prolonged breastfeeding however can be counteracted by examining the barriers to breastfeeding and finding reasonable methods for resolving the challenges. Twenty-first century women who desire to breastfeed can be successful at achieving their breastfeeding goals with greater support by society and by having more confidence in themselves.
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    Pełnienie roli matki jako obszar wsparcia
    (Wydział Studiów Edukacyjnych Uniwersytetu im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu, 2014) Gajtkowska, Magdalena
    The article discusses the necessity of providing an effective support for women who play the mother’s role. Among many categories of social support, “provision of services” was analyzed, because much research shows that this kind of support is needed. In the view of playing the role of a mother this kind of service would aim at supporting women in performing the duties which result from the fact that they are mothers, for instance, taking care of the child during the mother’s absence. It seems that this kind of support is especially in need, because many women, who decide to be mothers, come across many difficulties, mainly connected with taking care of the baby. It happens due to the fact that mothers, apart from running the household and taking care of the children, are in a regular employment. Nowadays it seems to be crucial to improve the quality and availability of this kind of support, because the one that is now offered, seems to be ineffective and insufficient.
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    Refleksje nad ciążą i porodem. Perspektywa krytycznej analizy dyskursu
    (Wydział Studiów Edukacyjnych Uniwersytetu im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu, 2014) Nowakowska, Luiza
    The topic of discussion is the discourse that shapes around pregnancy and childbirth in the past about two hundred years in Western countries – the mechanisms of its development, the most important manifestations and possible consequences. Theoretical basis for this problem is – Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA), and the main inspiration was the concept of M. Foucault – how according to the author this discourse is constructed, imposed and reproduced. „(...) in every society the production of discourse is at once controlled, selected, organized and subjected to redistribution by a number of procedures, whose role is to (...) take over the randomness of events (...)” writes Foucault. The purpose of the following discussion is, therefore, an attempt to show these „procedures” – methods and measures that are imposing and strengthen the medical discourse on pregnancy, childbirth, and more broadly the female body.
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