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Title: Rodzina w dyskursie polskiego kościoła katolickiego. Badania korpusowe z perspektywy krytycznej analizy dyskursu
Authors: Kamasa, Victoria
Keywords: Critical Discourse Analysis
corpus linguistics
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: Socjolingwistyka, vol. XXVII 2013, p. 139-152
Abstract: The paper aims at describing the discourse of the Polish Catholic Church upon family. The perspective of Critical Discourse Analysis is adapted and chosen categories suggested by van Leeuwen (2008) are used. The study is conducted on corpus (241-thousand words) of official documents published on website of Polish Bishop’s Conference. Qualitative and quantitative methods are used. The analysis reveals three discursive ways of constructing of the family: family as a part of church’s community, family as week, endangered and needing protection and strong connection between family and national identity.
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