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Title: Between Repudiation and Acceptance. The Evolution of Social Attitudes towards the Baptist Church in Poland
Authors: Brzechczyn, Krzysztof
Keywords: Baptist Church
religious minority
Baptists in Poland
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Polskie Towarzystwo Religioznawcze
Citation: Przegląd Religioznawczy. Suplement 2013, no. 1, pp.147-165.
Abstract: The evolution of social attitudes towards the Baptist Church in Poland is an interesting example that delineates mechanisms of functioning of a religious minority in societies spiritually dominated by one religion: the Roman Catholic Church for the Poles, the Evangelical – Augsburg Church for the German minority and the Orthodox Church for the Belarusians and the Ukrainians. In the introductory chapter I describe history of the Baptist movement in Poland in a nutshell. In the second chapter, I outline the rules ofevolution of attitudes of religious majority toward religious minority. The empirical analyzis of the attitudes of Lutheran, Orthodox and Catholic churches towards baptist in Poland from the second half of 19th century to the beginning of the 21th century will be presented in the third chapter. The paper is ended by ‘Conclusions’ (chapter fourth).
Sponsorship: Narodowy Program Rozwoju Humanistyki
ISSN: 1230-4379
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