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Title: Pierre Falardeau : un cinéaste trop engagé pour les organismes subventionnaires fédéraux du Canada
Authors: Acerenza, Gerardo
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Polskie Towarzystwo Badań Kanadyjskich
Citation: TransCanadiana, 6.2013, pp. 11-24
Abstract: During his entire life, filmmaker Pierre Falardeau was always noted for his outspokenness and his intemperate language and therefore he was considered by the Quebec press a rebel, a loudmouth, an unusual polemicist. In this study, I try to understand how, in this “Peaceable Kingdom” that is Canada, Pierre Falardeau was a victim of censorship by “Telefilm Canada”, the federal agency of which he had repeatedly asked subsidies to produce two of its most committed movies: October and 15 February 1839. Was he the only Quebec filmmaker “censored” by “Telefilm Canada” or, like him, other Quebecois filmmakers can claim to be victims of the federal granting agency? According to Pierre Falardeau, whenever Quebecois filmmakers touch the “nationalist topic” in Canada, various forms of “censorship” are implemented by the federal granting agencies.
ISSN: 1899-0355
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