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Title: The Scholarship of Integration: On the Pivotal Role of Centers of Advanced Study in the New Structure of Research-Intensive Universities in the 21st Century.
Authors: Juchacz, Piotr W.
Editors: Kwiek, Marek
Keywords: scholarship of integration
public scholarship
centers of advanced study
transdisciplinary integrative research
transdisciplinary research
external circumstances of integrative research
internal circumstances of integrative research
scientific integrative aspirations
research capabilities
research-intensive university
project-participating faculty
academic profession
academic faculty
higher education research
institutional change
higher education reforms
Ernest Boyer
Marek Kwiek
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Adam Mickiewicz University Press
Citation: Człowiek i Społeczeństwo, vol. XXXV, iss. 1, Poznań 2013, pp. 191-202.
Abstract: According to well acknowledged diagnosis of the circumstances surrounding the institution of the university stressing the growing complexity of the academic enterprise in Europe and the dynamics of its inner evolution we develop in the presented article two thesis: first, on the need of transdiscliplinary integrative research in contemporary academia, which will reshape and transcend the traditional boundaries of disciplinary divisions of scientific work, and second, that the best place to develop such ‘transdiscliplinary integrative research’ are the centers for advanced study, separated from traditional faculties and departments and based on a project-participating faculty. We single out, define and describe the external and internal circumstances of integrative research and cooperation, which can be conducive or disturbing for their unrestricted and dynamic development.
ISBN: 978-83-232-2669-7
ISSN: 0239-3271
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