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Title: European Strategies and Higher Education (CPP RPS 34/2012)
Authors: Kwiek, Marek
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Center for Public Policy Research Papers Series
Citation: CPP RPS Vol. 34 (2012), Poznan, pp. 1-37.
Abstract: This paper discusses EU-level developments in policy thinking in the area of higher education, training, and labour markets based on the analysis of a major large-scale strategy promoted by the European Commission in the 2000s: “Education and Training 2010” (ET 2010, launched in 2001, followed by a new strategy for the next decade, “Education and Training 2020”, ET 2020). The strategy shows major EU-level conceptualizations in the areas of education, training and labour market policies. The major focus of this analysis of the most relevant documents debated within this strategy is youth, students, and graduates; in particular in connection with higher education and lifelong learning opportunities. The EU-level strategy is linked here to the formerly existing Lisbon Strategy and to the new Europe 2020 Strategy for “smart, sustainable and inclusive growth”.
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