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Title: Post-Metaphysically Constructed National and Transnational Public Spheres and Their Content (CPP RPS 26/2011)
Authors: Cern, Karolina M.
Juchacz, Piotr W.
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Center for Public Policy Research Papers Series
Citation: CPP RPS Vol. 26 (2011), Poznan, pp. 1-22.
Abstract: The following article begins with recalling Habermasian interpretation of Kant‟s three kinds of imperatives and of a post-metaphysical shift that thanks to them happened in his practical philosophy. The usage of Kantian imperatives to the description of discursive will-formation seems to us an important key in understanding models of the public sphere applied and examined by CIDEL. That is why in the next step we analyse CIDEL‟s three models of the public sphere elucidating their interrelations with the problematics of pre-political values, political culture and Euro-citizens‟ identity. Our standpoint, which we are elaborating in the paper, is that the post-metaphysical – it means: „discursively constructed” – European identity is possible to achieve, however under premises of a “never-ending story of justification” political and legal principles and also of a correlated with it civic education fostering democratic competences of Euro-citizens in order to spark the general (European) public and processes of Euro-legitimation.
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