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Title: Płeć i władza w kontekstach historycznych i współczesnych
Authors: Kajda, Kornelia
Dziuba, Agnieszka
Sawiński, Paweł
Kluczek, Agata
Dopierała, Kazimierz
Kowalska, Barbara
Miazek-Męczyńska, Monika
Pac, Grzegorz
Brzezińska, Joanna
Szczot, Monika
Szewczyk-Haake, Katarzyna
Sadowska, Monika
Jarosz, Ewelina
Domańska, Ewa
Klisz, Joanna
Kowalska-Sobieraj, Zuzanna
Skuza, Sylwia
Olszewska, Katarzyna
Działak, Anna
Dominik, Anna
Skrzypek, Marta
Pawłowska, Agnieszka
Karwat, Izabela
Kęsek, Rafał
Jędraszczyk, Katarzyna
Editors: Kubiaczyk, Filip
Kubiaczyk, Monika Anna
Keywords: płeć
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Instytut Kultury Europejskiej UAM w Gnieźnie
Abstract: The book addresses the issue of relationships between gender and power. Although the subject has been analysed on many occassions and in a variety of fashions, the volume does not duplicate the well-known views, but points to the limitations of the previous approaches and suggests possibilities of overcoming those. For the authors of the featured texts, gender also denotes sex in the biological sense, while power does not mean the omnipotent techniques of control, but also strategies of active resistance and emancipation. Having applied a different interpretative paradigm, the authors pose new questions to the already known research material: How to define the category of gender/sex in today's (trans)gender world? In what way do the deliberations on the nature and essence of power affect gender? Do men and women function equally within the machinery of power, assuming the roles of clearly defined cogs, i.e. the dominant (men) and the dominated (women) ones? Answering such questions requires a broad perspective, ranging from antiquity, when power was “invented” by being attributing one gender (though not without exceptions) and when the canon of speaking of what is “female” and “male” was devised, to the contemporary times, in which both categories and their mutual relationships undergo radical reevaluation.
Sponsorship: Lasy Państwowe, Nadleśnictwo Karczma Borowa, Print Point 3D Studio Agencja Reklamowa, Spec-Poż-Serwis mgr inż. Zdzisław Bonikowski
ISBN: 978-83-60251-89-8
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