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Title: Cultural Exchange between China and the West from the perspective of two Eastern European Travellers – Travelogues of Milutin Velimirović and Konstanty Symonolewicz
Authors: Ewertowski, Tomasz
Keywords: Chiny
Comparative literature
Milutin Velimirović
Konstanty Symonolewicz
travel writing
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Sun Yat-Sen University Press
Citation: 第三届“利玛窦写中文化交流”国际学术研过会论文集 [Dì sān jiè “lì mǎ dòu xiě zhōng wénhuà jiāoliú” guójì xuéshù yánguò huì lùnwén jí tłumaczenie: The Proceedings of the Third International Conference "Matteo Ricci and Intercultural Dialogue"], Guangzhou 2015, Sun Yat-Sen University Press, ISBN 978-7-306-05211-7, s. 98-110.
Abstract: The main aim of the paper is to analyze and interpret the image of relations between China and Europe in two travelogues written by the Eastem Europeans. The first is a book entitled “ Kroz Kinu” (“Through China”)by the Serbian diplomat Milutin Velimirović. The second is a book “Moi Chińczycy” (“My Chinese"), by the Polish diplomat Konstanty Symonolewicz. The main concepts of the paper are based on imaginary geography and imagology. Both authors lived in China in 1910 ’ and 1920 ’. Authors visited the Far East at a very specific historical moment, when China was politically fragmented and was forced to sign uneaual treaties. Symonolewicz and Velimirović paid attention to contemporary political situation, and also to the great history of China and yarious issues connected with intercultural communication. Two authors had a specific point of view, because they represented Europe, however they belonged to the Eastern part of European civilization, to nations which did not take part in imperial expansion. They perceived China from the European perspective, but on the other hand they could also distance themselves from various European prejudices. In the paper their descriptions and remarks about contacts between China and Europę in the early 20th century will be compared and analyzed.
ISBN: 978-7-306-05211-7
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