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Title: Friction Ridge Impressions on Daub Fragments from the Early Bronze Age Settlement in Bruszczewo
Authors: Stróżyk, Mateusz
Czebreszuk, Janusz
Jaeger, Mateusz
Matuszewski, Szymon
Mądra-Bielewicz, Anna
Keywords: bronze age
medical anthropology
archaeology of childhood
friction ridge impressions
fortified settlement
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Anthropologie 57(2), 215-225
Abstract: Studies of friction ridge impressions on archaeological artefacts are only very rarely published due to the high rate of destruction of such traces or leaving out such information of the analyses of archaeological material. The article presents the results of examinations of friction ridge impressions discovered on daub fragments from the Early Bronze Age settlement in Bruszczewo, dated to ca. 2000-1600 BC. The fragments were closely related to remains of buildings recorded in the course of excavations. Out of five instances of friction ridge impressions, two enabled the estimation of the age of the persons who had left them. It was determined that they probably were young people. The results cast new light on the role of children/youth in prehistory.
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