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Title: Punk subculture in Poland - from rebelion to stylization
Other Titles: Subkultura punk w Polsce - od buntu do stylizacji
Authors: Brenk, Mikołaj
Keywords: punk,
punk rock music
rock festival
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Threat to the individual in the contemporary society. Red. M. Walancik, S. Hoferkova, Dąbrowa Górnicza 2019
Abstract: Contemporary punk in Poland can be characterized as a heterogenous phenomenon, undergoing changes, which occur on several levels. This text has briefly characterized the five levels on which the possible activity of people who understand and identify with the punk subculture in a different way can be considered. First of all: contemporary Polish punk takes part in concerts, often organized In the form of large music events, where through the outfit he expresses his passion for the subculture. The second possibility Is to refer to the splendour of the Polish punk through sentimentaljourneysin timeintheform of events, books, films, interviews with musicians playing on the punk stages in the 80s or the participants of these events. The third option is the social activity, undertaken in the spirit of anarchism and freedom, opposition to capitalist rules, where the outfit and the punk-styled external look sometimes move to the background. The fourth option of activity of contemporary punks are informal groups, which spend their free time through their nihilist and anarchist lifestyle and the use of stimulants. Finally, the fifth element of expressingthe punk subculture Is pulling it into the fashion trends in chain stores with clothing, thanks to which it becomes one of the products to choose from and at the same time is devoid of an ideological layer.
ISBN: 978-83-65621-65-8
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