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dc.contributor.authorKośko, Aleksander-
dc.contributor.authorWłodarczak, Piotr-
dc.contributor.authorŻurkiewicz, Danuta-
dc.identifier.citationTreasures of Time: Research of the Faculty of Archaeology of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań (2021) D. Żurkiewicz (Ed.). pp.
dc.description.abstractThe barrows of the Yamnaya culture located along the middle Dniester River (southern Ukraine, Yampil region) became a matter of concern for a Polish-Ukrainian archaeological expedition. As a result of this joint effort, a series of earlier studies of the barrows were published and additional excavations were conducted. A total of seven barrows located at four archaeological sites were excavated. Consequently, a variety of new materials were obtained, which made it possible to perform extensive specialist analyses (radiocarbon, isotope, and aDNA, among others). The results of this research show a broader picture of local Yamnaya culture communities, allowing a comparison with Central European Corded Ware culture communities and contributing immensely to the discussion regarding the relations between these
dc.publisherFaculty of Archaeology, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznańpl
dc.subjectYamnaya culturepl
dc.subjectCorded Ware culturepl
dc.subjectMiddle Dniester areapl
dc.titleBetween the East and the West of Europe: The Eneolithic and the Beginning of the Bronze Age in Light of Studies on Bio-Cultural Borderlandspl
dc.typeRozdział z książkipl
dc.contributor.translatorPiątkowska, Grażyna-
dc.contributor.translatorMartini, Sarah-
dc.contributor.translatorRand, Asta-
dc.description.journaltitleTreasures of Time: Research of the Faculty of Archaeology of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznańpl
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