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Title: Zapach i kolor słów, czyli o próbach intersemiotycznego przekładu i synestezji w utworach Damira Miloša "Smetlar" i "Bijeli klaun"
Other Titles: The smell and colour of words. Attempts at intersemiotic translation and synaesthesia in Damir Miloš’s works "Smetlar" and "Bijeli klaun"
Authors: Szperlik, Ewa
Keywords: Intersemiotic translation
Conceptual prose
Sensuality in literature
Theme of smell in the novel
Cognitive relativism
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM
Citation: Poznańskie Studia Slawistyczne, 2012, nr 2, s.313–331
Abstract: The aim of the intersemiotic and conceptual prose of Damir Miloš is to overcome the limitations of language and literary description, especially when presenting reality through the prism of sensual experience, both visual and olfactory. In Miloš’s prose the interconnectedness of art forms, often perceived today as a symptom of a literary crisis or a trend towards intermediality, becomes a special and convenient pretext to use intersemiotic translation, visuality and synaesthesia as a means of presenting sensuality in literature. The Croatian author creates a world in which his protagonists, marked with certain incapacities or hypersensitivity of senses (an absolute sense of smell, colour-blindness or blindness), conjure up their own individual and subjective reality. Thus, Miloš stresses the postmodern aspect of the multiplicity of truths and perspectives.
ISBN: 978-83-232-2409-9
ISSN: 2084-3011
Appears in Collections:Poznańskie Studia Slawistyczne, 2012, nr 2

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