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Title: Rodzina jako sposób bycia dwóch pokoleń w świecie życia codziennego
Other Titles: Family - the two generations in the world of everyday life
Authors: Wrzesień, Witold
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM
Citation: Roczniki Socjologii Rodziny, 2001, tom 13, s. 71-80
Abstract: Social world of the two generations differs from each other by the configuration of the circles of interest. Central circles, circles of everyday life activity, are the areas of identification of the crucial generation interests, which are the matter of the intergenerational negotiation. Mutual understanding between the generations in the family, is the effect of the similarity of the social situation definitions. In this article we take family as a way of living in the world of everyday life. We examine the situation, when parents and growing up children, constitute their own ways of living, their own styles of life, which is typical for the stage o f the forming o f generation identity of the youth. In this phase of the course of the family life, due to the increasing tensions between generations, we observe creation of more or less separate realities within the family. Thus, we analyse the main factors of the creation of the two parallel sub-worlds of everyday life in the family, emphasising the confrontation of the effects of the realisation of different social role scenarios.
ISSN: 0867-2059
Appears in Collections:Roczniki Socjologii Rodziny, 2001, tom 13

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