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Title: Von der Liebe zu Mörderinnen. Erotik als Deutungs-muster in literarischen Auseinandersetzungen mit der NS-Vergangenheit. Variationen eines Paradigmas
Authors: Piontek, Sławomir
Keywords: Literary model of settling accounts with Nazism
German Austrian Swiss literature
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst
Citation: Convivium 2006. Bonn: DAAD 2006, s. 153-176.
Abstract: The following article presents a literary model of settling accounts with Nazism in German prose based on a metaphorical configuration of two main protagonists, a woman and a man, and on their mutual relationships determined by eroticism. This model appears in slightly different forms both in German and Austrian as well as in Swiss literature. The author of this article analyzes the relationships between invariant characteristics of the abovementioned interpretative pattern and its respective application in each given historical context.
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