Society in transition: cultural change in the Early Bronze Age cemetery at Nižná Myšl'a in the light of absolute chronology

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The article presents the results of research on the absolute chronology of the Nižná Myšľa cemetery. Due to its scale and location in a key region of the Carpathian Basin, it should be considered one of the most important Early Bronze Age sites in Central Europe. Many years of archaeological research have so far failed to provide adequate data on absolute chronology. This text presents the results of statistical and spatial analyses on a series of newly acquired 14C dates. They allowed us to present a model of the spatial and chronological development of the funerary space and to capture the stage of significant cultural change associated with the adoption of a new raw material—bronze.




Bronze Age Chronology, Radiocarbon, Funeral archaeology, Bronze Age Carpathian Basin


Radiocarbon 2022, doi:10.1017/RDC.2022.76.




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