Ekonomia a socjologia

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Economics and Sociology


Since Marx, political economics has become a historical science exploring social aspects of economic life. The demarcation line between political economics understood as such and sociology is not easily seen. Leaving the problems of social conflicts and putting the stress on human communication, modern sociology tends towards sociography, or at least towards examining so called ''small groups". Simultaneously, increasing of the praxeologic elements In modern political economics makes the abyss between economics and sociology even mere profound. However, the need of a certain symbiosis of these two sciences is increasing felt and not only in Marxist circles. Talcott Parsons as well as N. J. Smelser, J. Neil, B. Negaro, C. Gini and others emphasize the need of bringing these disciplines closer. Leaving aside economic analysis, sociologie analysis means a threat of complete decline of economic thought. On the other hand by separating sociological analysis from economy and directing it into morphological researches only we encounter the threat of the nullity of our conclusions. When we treat social and socio-economic processes according to Marxist method main differences between economic and sociological sciences disappear. Both the disciplines examine social aspects of human activity, only in different fields of different weight, where economic life still plays the main role.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 30, 1968, z. 2, s. 159-166



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