Pojęcie celu organizacyjnego i jego zastosowanie gospodarcze

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Notion of the Organizational Purpose and its Economical Applying


A notion of an organizational purpose is defined in literature in different ways. The most penetrating ones I consider the definitions of J. Zieleniewski and R. M. Cyert and J. G. March. The first one indicates that the purpose is the future state of things inciting the actual acting in the definite direction. The second one formed by J. G. March identifies the purpose with mutual interest of the group of the acting subjects. For the sake of required connections of the purpose with actual acting the greatest value have the purposes that are clear, rational, executable and operative and give a priori security, that the unwanted outside aspiration of the participants of the organization, especially of the managers would be subjected to reduction. A very important part plays the ability and skill to differentiate the main purposes from the subordinate ones and the superior (farther ones) from the subordinate (nearer ones). Sometimes instead of one purpose there exist some coordinated purposes. The organizational enterprises are formed in double way with reference to the purpose and with reference to the task. There is a great difference between these notions and therefore one cannot use them interchangeably. In the economical activity a purpose performs some functions, namely it decides about the scope of detailed programme of activity and about the appointment of appliances, it is the criterion of rationality of decision decides about the choice of the means of proceeding. At last the purpose becomes the criterion of efficiency of acting because it allows to mark the grade of agreement of the intended results with the obtained ones.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 31, 1969, z. 3, s. 155-164



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