Polityka konkurencji a polityka koncentracji przemysłowej w EWG

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The Policy of Competition and the Policy of Concentration of Industry in the EEC


The paper is elaborating a problem of interrelations between the policy of competition and the policy of concentration of industry in the EEC. The problem is of great importance. It is a competition which is the basic principle of functioning of the. Common Market. Implementing the policy of competition is the institutional representation of that principle. Its task is to maintain the competition in order to enjoy profits of the free reaction of the market mechanism. The policy of competition is geared on the one hand on preventing the uncontrolled and unlimited competition and on the other on maintaining it within certain limits to preclude monopolizing production, sales, supply sources and other spheres. Yet the EEC authorities are pursueing the active policy of concentration of industry to stimulate and control the processes of concentration in the EEC industry. Postulated protection of the Common Market against a competition of strong foreign enterprises and their production is the cause of that policy. The paper is discussing the mentioned policies, their instruments ats well as the actions undertaken. Interrelations between the policies are also examined. In conclusion the author finds that the processes of the economic concentration are not limited considering the main principle of the EEC operation but actually they are intensified. Therefore the policies of competition and of concentration of industry do not preclude each other as there is no inconsistency between them. Besides, the policy of competition can be regarded as one of the main instruments of the policy of concentration and in that context the first one has to be subordinated to the latter which is the integral part of the EEC industrial policies.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 44, 1982, z. 3, s. 279-292



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